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The Louroujina Mosque with its slender minaret was only a couple of minutes walk from the village church St. Antronicos.

St. Antronicos Church
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The Church of St.EpiphaniosPlease 
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Louroujina Mosque and its Minaret
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This is an ongoing project about Louroujina (Also spelled as Louroudjina or Lourouzina).

(In 1950s Turkish Cypriots changed the name of the village to Akıncılar)

I believe that our cultural heritage is invaluable and must be known by all of us, old and young alike. I hope that Louroujina Home Page will gradually grow to include our village history, our customs, our past and present activities, clubs, societies, business activities, personalities, photographs and any other aspect or material which is about Louroujina. Therefore I am kindly inviting all those from Louroujina and others who would like to contribute to this Web page by providing me with any material they think is suitable to be included in this site

This project can only be realized by collective work. If you wish to be a part of this project and have any innovative ideas, comments, please send your e-mail to:


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