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Born in Louroudjina, Cyprus, Günay Güzelgün studied fine art at Gazi Education Institute (Gazi Eğitim Enstitüsü), Ankara, Turkey. She first made her marks in art circles in 1980, at the first Art and Culture Festival. Since then she has won many prizes. For her works in the joint exhibit of Cypriot artists in 1990, Belgian critic Jean Damar said: "Her courageous colours give life to a reflective painting and distort the anatomy of her models consciously…" 

She has participated in several exhibitions including: Cyprus Art Association (1985); Cypriot Artists Art Exhibit Ankara, Ordu (1989); a qualitative Joint Design Exhibit, Ncosia (1990); Cypriot Artists Art Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium (1990).

Samples from her paintings: Please click on the thumbnails for a larger scale viewing 


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