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Yaşar İsmailoğlu was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1945. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Turkey, taking an active part in student demonstrations and protests between 1968-1971 against the unscrupulous and corrupt regime of Turkey. In 1972, a year after the military coup in Turkey, he emigrated to Britain and settled in London completing an MA degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at Birbank College, London University.

Presently he is employed as a local government officer in London and is married with 4 children. (Forgoing information was posted by Colin Robb, a friend of Yaşar İsmailoğlu)

Yaşar İsmailoğlu is a well known personality within the Turkish, Greek and Kurdish communities widely recognised for his cultural and community work.

Publications include
Poetry Collections:
Barbarians (1965)
Stepkızı (1968)
Cyprus I loved you so (1980)
Yarımın Acısı (Anguish of my half) (1995)
Why Aphrodite Why? (1995)
Oy Sevdasına Kurban Olduğum (1997)
Uzaklaşan Sesler (2000)

Stories and research
İntihar Mangası (1969, Anti-war stories)
Hasanbulliler-a criminological study (4th edition now in print) A social chapter of Cypriot history.

Yaşar İsmailoğlu's research work is frequently serialised in both London and Cyprus in a number of Turkish language newspapers. His published articles include:
The roots of Partition (Colonial Administration)
Secondary-education systems in Cyprus under British Colonial administration within the context of 'Divide and Rule' policy.
South Africa-apartheid Policy and law in Africa.
The Cyprus working-class and Trade Unions.

*The information above is taken from Yaşar İsmailoğlu's books. 

Examples from his poetry
Remembering Cyprus (From his book, Why Aphrodite Why?)

Separation (From his book, Why Aphrodite Why?)

Dawn of Awareness (Diyarbakır İnsanına) From his book, Oyy Sevdasına Kurban Olduğum. This poem won The Haringay 1995 Poetry Competition.
A very special thanks to Colin Robb, who contributed to these pages by posting this poem. In Colin's words:"this is a superb poem about his experiences in Turkey when he was investigating the Kurdish situation for a Parliamentary human rights team.

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